High flying indie rock

Vro7 is the first single of the upcoming debut album by Dutch band hautamaeki (how ta mekky) called WIM (released summer 2016). Recorded in Eindhoven (The Netherlands). Produced by Edwin Huits in Kumamoto (Japan). Mastered by David Luchow in Karslruhe (Germany).

On August 8 2015 Vro7 reached the number one position in the Dutch Indie Charts (pdf)


hautamaeki biography

He finishes his cigarette, stands up from the kitchen table and stretches his back. It’s a nice day outside. Puts on his wintercoat, loads his gear into the car and drives off. Radio’s playing The Notwist and his mind races ahead.

Up, down, up and down again. He knows the inevitable course. It’s like the frequency of his favourite song. Climbing, falling, flying, landing. All in the shortest eternity of time. Plunging down before take-off.

In mid air he sings:

“I’m edging forward on a slight slope to the top.
Dropping ego and parachute, but no way I will stop.
Always trying with growing self-reliance.
Tossing bite-sized snacks to my untamed lions.”

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